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We're fighting phantom power from its roots.

Phantom power, also known as standby power, is a persistent feature in almost all our electronics and appliances. Even when not running, electricity continues to flow through these devices, resulting in significant amounts of energy waste. Computers and TVs are major offenders, though a large variety of digital appliances also weigh heavily on this issue.

Data from 2014 census by World Energy Council [1]

Studies have been conducted through the 2000s showing upwards of 10% in phantom power waste for the average household. A recent report by the US Natural Resources Defence Council showed that these estimates could be much closer to 23% today!

Regardless, unplug eliminates these wastes, providing tangible savings to both you and to the environment.

The unplug.

unplug is a smart socket device, interfacing with your appliances to automatically optimize their power consumption. By detecting your precense, unplug learns what your schedule is like, acting automatically to shut off devices when you are away. With little to no setup, unplug works autonomously, cutting down on your wasted energy.

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