Increase Energy Efficiency

20% Reduction in Electricity Bill

Save Money

$150 of Savings Per Year

Support the Environment

25 Trees of CO2 Eq. Planted

How it Works  ➜ 

Almost all home appliances consume power even when not in use. This phenomenon is called “Standby Power”, a form of wasted electricity that is extremely prevalent in modern electronics such as TVs, chargers, and entertainment consoles.

Unplug detects when your appliances are consuming Standby Power, virtually unplugging them in order to halt electricity waste. Unplug’s machine learning algorithm adapts to your day-to-day schedule, determining exactly when your appliances require a full throttle, and when they can be allowed to rest.

The end result is increased longevity of appliance operation and energy savings of up to 20% of your home electricity bill!


Our vision is to make smart-home energy savings accessible for all


Unplug adapts to your schedule to maximize electricity reduction and cost savings


All Unplug devices can be accessed within your home as well as remotely if enabled


Unplug's hub-network design makes it easy and efficient to outfit your household

Meet the Team

Four Energy Systems Engineers with a passion for energy efficiency


Denis Burkov



Jacob Sheehan

Business Development Lead


Akshay Seshadri

Software Engineering Lead


Brendan Hynes

Hardware Engineering Lead

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